This Is What Happens When Murder Mystery Novels Come To Life

Frequently Asked Questions

Grab your magnifying glass & take a
closer look at how this all shakes out.


Okay, but what the heck IS this?

We’re the online monthly murder mystery subscription that puts you in the Detective shoes. Imagine a murder mystery novel come to life, or stepping straight onto the set of your favorite crime TV show and solving the case.

The (fake) deadly world of Night Falls is detailed and complete, so solving cases means listening to suspect interviews, reviewing reports and crime scenes, searching for hidden clues, and issuing arrest warrants (just as a taste).

How do I sign up and join The Bureau?

Simply click here to choose your membership level and start sleuthing! Also spy on our Instagram and Facebook for free puzzles & pulp fiction.

Do I start at the beginning of a case?

Yes. When you join we'll send you the first set of clues right away, so you won't miss a thing.

Murders are like potato chips.
You can’t stop with just one.

-Stephen King-

Will I be working the same case as everyone else?

Not everyone works the same case at the same time. Your fellow Detectives might be working the same case as you, one you’ve already finished, or one you haven’t been assigned yet.

Do cases go longer than a month?

Nope! We won't hold you hostage and make you work multiple cases before you Catch Whodunit. Each Case of the Month is a complete stand alone case with a solution at the end.

Can I cancel at any time?

Of course, and you’ll have access to everything until the end of your paid period. (We’re in the business of murder — not robbing you blind.)

Don’t mistake the quiet streets of
Night Falls as safe & secure.

After all, no one plans
a murder out loud

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HELP! What if I get stuck?

It happens to the best of us, so don’t get discouraged. Benny the Snitch is skulking around the corner to lend a helping hand if you need it. You can also join our top secret Facebook group and get help from other members.

How long does each case go for?

The case of the month goes for—you guessed it—a month.

How often are clues delivered?

Your informant will make 8 clue drops for each case, with each drop having multiple clues. You’ll get emails every few days once Miss Carver lays out new clues on your desk. (Isn’t she just the cat’s pajamas?)

Mind, body & murderrrrrr.

(The ultimate trifecta for a happy life.)

If I don’t finish the case by the end of the month, can I still solve it?

Yes! As long as you’re a member, the last three cases are always active on your dashboard, so you can revisit old work or solve past cases when you’re ready. Want to access a case that’s older than 3 months? You can get the goods in one of your old clue drop emails.

Can I get help from other members?

Join our top secret Facebook group to keep your ear to the ground on the hottest case theories. The group is incredibly helpful, but tread lightly... spoilers likely lie ahead.

Does it work on my phone or other mobile device?

Yes. You'll have the best experience using a desktop or laptop, but it'll still work on all mobile devices. If your screen is really small, turning it horizontal will work best.

Do you like pineapple on your pizza?

You mean, do we like the perfect balance of sweet and juicy to balance out the savoury, greasy deliciousness that is pizza? Uh, yes. #teampineapple for the win..

‘round these parts, we never run out
of places to hide the bodies.

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If I have more questions, how do I get in touch?

Just send Miss Carver an email at, and she’ll be with you faster than Jimbo “Knee Breaker” Jones got sent to the big house. (Disclaimer: She’s a sassy little spitfire. You’ve been warned.)