Look alive, Detective!

Jimmy Pond here, and we've got a ticking clock. Word from up top  is you're some kind of a whiz when it comes to putting the puzzling pieces together when no one else can get them to fit. I'm waiting to be impressed, and here's your chance.

You're familiar with Nicky “Neck Tie” Russo, the go-to hired gun for the River Styx Syndicate, yeah?

Here’s the deal. We've had shreds of evidence connecting him to a dozen hired hits in Night Falls, but our witnesses keep clamming up — or conveniently washing up on the shore like yesterday’s bloated catch of the day.

Help us find Nicky before he flees the country for good...and I spend the rest of my life thinking about the scum who slipped through my fingers.

You in? Enter your details below to get the scoop. No time to waste, kid!