Mark Bailey

I should have known!


Did it all come together when you read the note out loud?


Question mark Bailey. He ordered the snatch on Carver.

Question Mark Bailey. He ordered the snatch on Carver.


Honestly, I’m not surprised. I put Mark behind bars 8 years ago for selling glinting mansions he didn’t own, and his polished pettiness means he’s just the sort to seek revenge.

On the bright side, when we arrived at his last known locale, he was rocking in the corner and hugging is knees while Miss Carver angrily ran her yap about all the places her kitten heel would fit in his body.

Mark begged to be put in cuffs if it meant escaping her squawking. Miss Carver now has her dry martini (extra olives). And all I can say is it’s another beautifully bizarre day at the Bureau.

Thanks for all your help, kid. You’ve really got a knack for this.